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Frequently Asked Questions
What is JustBlitz?
JustBlitz is a weekly subscription service for smoothie mix packs. You pick, tweak or build your own 5-7 smoothie recipes online. We measure out frozen ingredients for your smoothies into individual recipe packs & deliver to you weekly. To make a smoothie you take a pack out of the freezer, whack ingredients into blender/Nutribullet with water (or milk or yoghurt etc.) and... JustBlitz!
Why JustBlitz?
Smoothies you blitz at home are waaaay good for you. Having a smoothie a day long term will have super health benefits. But most of us don’t because it’s a hassle finding recipes, buying ingredients, measuring them out etc. If someone else (us) does that stuff for you it saves you time and makes you happy and healthy. Boom.
Where are you at right now?
So we just started as of Jan 2023. We are currently testing the concept (i.e. will this work?) so we are sorry if things aren't super slick yet! Bear with us...
How do I contact you?
We are a super small team and would love to hear your thoughts/comments! Phone/WhatsApp: 07774 513 686. We man the phones 9am - 6pm Monday to Friday. Email:
Why is JustBlitz better for me than... bottled smoothies from a supermarket?
First, bottled smoothies are pasteurised (partially sterilised by heating) to give them shelf life. This removes a significant amount of nutrients. Second, most are simply blended fruit (95% carbs). You miss out on good fats from nuts and seeds plus protein for balance.
Why is JustBlitz better for me than... vitamin pills?
Natural is better. Yeah it actually is. 2 reasons. First, our bodies absorb nutrients from foods much better than from artificial pills. Second, while we have pills for headline nutrients & minerals we know about (e.g. vitamin B, C, calcium, iron etc.), natural superfoods provide hundreds (possibly thousands) more nutrients that help our bodies function much better (increased cognitive power, higher energy levels, better sleep, longer life expectancy, stronger immune system etc.).
For those nutrition geeks out there interested in knowing their calories and macros (protein, carbs & fats) you can build & tweak your recipes to nutritionally match your body type and goals. Soon (if this initial trial stage goes well) you’ll be able to filter by smoothies that do this automatically.
What is your return policy?
Not what you expected? Drop us a line: and we’ll make it right. No quibbles.
How do I cancel an order/subscription?
Drop us a line on Orders can be cancelled up to 7am on the date 4 business days before and including the delivery day. Why is it 4 business days? Because once your order is in we just have a few days to prep it and lots of others before we deliver to you! Hopefully we'll be able to bring this down in time to give you more flexibility.
How do I change my order?
Please drop us a short email to and we'll do it right away! FYI orders can be changed any time up to 7am on the day 4 days before your delivery day. Sadly we may not be able to make changes after this point as we would have to throw your prior order away (we don't like food waste!) and start again. However we will do our best to accommodate.
Why are the packs frozen?
Main reason? Maximal nutrients per calorie. When you pick (say) an apple it starts losing nutritional value the second it comes off tree. If you freeze it quickly it locks these nutrients in till you blitz it in your blender. Plus it tastes nicer.
Is it subscription only?
Yep. Why? Because for real benefit daily smoothie(s) should be a long-term habit not a sporadic event.
Why 5-7 packs?
First because this works well if you do 1 a day. Also more than 7 takes up a lot of freezer space! Are we wrong on this 5-7 rule? Ping us a WhatsApp or email to let us know! 07774 513 686/
I'd like to share my recipes with others. Can I do this?
Argh, not right now but we’re on it. Standby…
Are the ingredients organic?
Not right now but our ingredients are super high quality. If all goes well and enough people want it we’ll add an option for organic ingredients.
…are listed on the individual smoothie pages. And with each box you get a pretty (& somewhat over engineered) recipe card for each smoothie which lists the allergens.
Nut allergy safe?
Not yet! We’re currently too small to properly block off a ‘nut safe’ area to prep 100% nut-free mix bags. But it is a BIG priority for us. So as soon as we move into a bigger facility where we can do this… we will do it.
Got another question?