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We want everyone to be healthier and happier.

In today's busy world, we know that smoothies you blitz at home from good quality whole foods are the best way to quickly get a tasty treat that keeps you full while ramming yourself full of superfoods.
Ready-mixed smoothies from supermarkets taste great but sadly all their goodness gets removed through pasteurisation.

Smoothies you blitz at home are MUCH tastier and better for you but many of us don’t bother as it’s a hassle, especially elaborate recipes with lots of ingredients. So we do the tedious measuring out bit. You just blitz it!


What is JustBlitz?

Our aim is to save you time by making smoothies quick, easy and fun. Creating, blitzing and drinking smoothies is fun. You do that. Buying and measuring out the ingredients is tedious and time consuming. So we do that.

Each week we’ll send you 5 smoothie mix bags. You can pick from our customer-rated smoothie recipes (you can tweak them) or even create your own from scratch! We’ll measure out the frozen ingredients for each of your 5 recipes into 5 bags and send to you. To make a smoothie you just grab bag from freezer, empty ingredients into blender, add water, coconut milk or whatever your preference and blitz!

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About me

As a nutritionist, for years I used my daily breakfast smoothie as the perfect way to fill myself with micronutrients. Over time I developed recipes that were super-delicious, brimming with natural nutrients and provided exactly the right balance of carbs, good fats and protein that my body needed.
One problem. Some smoothies had over 10 ingredients, measured out precisely and took aaaages to make. 20 mins each morning measuring out seeds and blueberries didn't last long.

So I started my "Sunday Evening Ritual". Each Sunday evening I'd measure out ingredients 5 days' smoothies into 5 plastic cups that I put in the freezer. Each morning I grab a cup, empty frozen ingredients into Nutribullet with half water, half milk, blitz then take it to work and drink while checking emails at my desk.

This was OK but it still took ages and I always wished someone could do this for me.
So I started JustBlitz in 2022 to do just that...